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…to Chubby Crow Records, the home of American composer and musician Anne Cabrera.

  • Anne's music CD

    Columbia CD cover Anne's music CD - Columbia: We Dare to Dream - is an instrumental music tribute to the astronauts of the NASA space shuttle Columbia, their support crews, and their families. The album had its public release on July 12th, 2008.

    You'll find all the details on our dedicated Columbia page. On the same page is information on where you can find both compact discs and digital downloads.

    “I had a lot of hours out there on the road to think and to listen. One of the best things I listened to was your music. I thought it was wonderful and captured so well the magnificence of our space program and the men and women who keep it going.”

    —  Homer Hickam, author of “Rocket Boys”

Columbia CD Reaches New Heights

  • Columbia CD on the ISS!

    Surprise, surprise! Thanks to NASA astronaut Clay Anderson, Anne's Columbia CD apparently took a little trip to the International Space Station, via the space shuttle Discovery mission STS-131.

    This is for us such a great honor that we've been struggling to find the words to describe it. Of course, this isn't about us. It's about a Columbia tribute coming full circle back to the NASA family. For us, to have the physical embodiment of this music orbiting our precious planet is symbolic of something much larger. It has to do with remembrance, camaraderie, continuity, and the future. It's about keeping something very important alive.

    Thank you, Clay, for this incredible surprise!

    photo credit: NASA/astronaut Clay Anderson

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